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ISMS Online Seminar Series 2

Big Data Strategy:”Its Role in Flattening the Curve of Covid-19”.

21 Mei 2020, 13.30 - 15.30 WIB

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Peluncuran Indonesia Strategic Management Society (ISMS) dan Seminar Nasional: Winning the AEC War Competing or Collaborating

Jakerta, 25 Mei 2016 lalu bertempat di Hotel Dharmawangsa, merupakan momen yang penting bagi Indonesia Strategic Management Society (ISMS). Wadah bagi pakar dan praktisi manajemen stratejik untuk melakukan kegiatan ilmiah di bidang keilmuan manajemen stratejik melalui penelitian, policy brief, publikasi ilmiah, seminar/lokakarya, konsultasi, pelatihan, coaching management, audit serta sertifikasi manajemen stratejik dan Strategic Management Awards dengan menggelar Seminar Nasional : "Winning The AEC War: Competing or Collaborating"

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Webinar Big Data Strategy: "Its role in Flattening The Curve of Covid-19" (May, 21, 2020)

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PPT 20 Mei


Webinar: Optimalisasi Pembelajaran Daring di Masa dan Pasca Covid-19 - (May, 14, 2020)

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